“These are just a few people to whom have inspired me in some way. I would like to thank those that I can (The Living) and acknowledge those who have moved on.”

Leslie Cunningham
A remarkable woman of amazing compassion. She has been a true example of the importance of treating everyone fairly.

Dr. Melissa McIntyre-Brandley
My big sister who has been the matriarch of our family. One the most loyal and dedicated people I know.

Allison McIntyre-Cain
The one person who can take credit for making me a learned man. I seek knowledge because of my little big sister.

Dr. Ikechukwu Uzoaru
My friend. A man of great integrity. A man of tremendous character.

Pastor Willie Moton
My spiritual father.

Mr. Larry B. Hoover Sr.
The man who taught me what it meant to be a BROTHER.

Jeffery Hatcher
The man who taught me about order and structure

Dave Damos
The very first person who actually “showed” me the inside of business

Malcolm X

Shaka Zulu

Martin Luther King

President Barack Obama