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By AntMound Consulting

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In 2012 (age 18), I decided I wanted to build a salon at home so I talked to my mom and she agreed. I had been doing hair since age 9, and had developed somewhat of a large clientele so I was sure to be successful . I moved everything out of my room into the attic and began filling my bedroom up with salon equipment. My younger sister and best friend assisted me and we did very well as far as business was concerned. At some point it became too hectic,and I was forced to move into a salon to keep space. I rented chairs from a few different salon, still carrying the name and term “Fierce Mode”. Today it’s not only a term, similar to “fleek” and “slayed”, which are words women use to describe being feeling and looking pretty after being dolled up, but also a strong women’s empowerment. Through my various arts (hairstyling & music) I’m helping to build self esteems and promote female unity and independence. Fierce Mode is now a trending topic and women all over the southeast region of Georgia are saying Fierce Mode, and in honor I’ve named my own salon after it, which is a big blessing and accomplishment for not only myself, but those who support the cause.

-Me’yon (Fierce Mode CEO)


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