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Help Melanie n Michael’s Hearts Heal by Supporting Mental Illness, PTSD, Congenital Heart Defects.

All funds raised will go to Sarah Velasco, the organizer, for lawyers regarding the divorce of Melanie, who suffers from PTSD/MI, to regain custody of her heart special son, Michael, from her multiple abusers..

My little brother ,William Fillyaw, has been wrongfully convicted of one count of First Degree Murder and two counts of Second Degree Murder!  This wasn’t done once but TWICE!  He never should have been found guilty the first time which is why the case was overturned.  I won’t try to get into all of the particulars right now but this case is very much public so I suggest that you simply google his name.  When you do you will likely see someone you know through Will.

I started this fund so as to not only raise money for my brothers defense but also to raise awareness about the flaws of this ” JUSTICE ” system.  It’s flaws come from man!  Men with ego and pride which cause them to misrepresent and disregard the truth all while using the very law which should help a defendant to hide their games.

My hope is that everyone who reads or hears about this case will contribute to this fund.  It is very expensive to prove your innocence in this system but that is exactly what we will do.   All proceeds will go towards that purpose.  Thank you in advance.