Mission Statement:

Everywhere I go I see people who have dreams of having their own businesses. In some cases, they simply have what is a good idea on paper but they have never had anyone take them serious (so they were never able to go into the next phase). Many of them are intimidated by the challenge – Some don’t have a proper business plan, Some are only restricted by the shortage/ lack of funding, and Strangely a number of these people only need some encouragement.

Here at AntMound we want to assist anyone who has aspirations in the realm of business with accomplishing what they have likely dreamed about. We want you to know that we believe in you and will work with you. Unlike some, we want you to know that you are in charge of your dream. Our job is not to take over; we will only help. It is very important that all of our potential clients understand that we will use all of our contacts throughout the country to insure that your business is one of the best in your market.

Real Estate will be a very specific area to which we are also very much involved in. With real estate we understand the value of ownership. We are very much into and support those who want to own their piece of the “American Dream’. That being said, everyone is not cut out for ownership but none the less we want to assist those who have an interest in the different areas within real estate which include carpentry, electrical, plumbing, masonry, hvac, landscaping, interior design, brokers, and many other positions.
If you are a person who is ready to recognize your dream, contact us. If you are already a business owner who recognizes the need for new ideas, contact so that we can get to work right away.


AnthonyAnthony McIntyre_Picture for website¬†McIntyre was born in Savannah Georgia July 11 1972.. He was raised in Midway a small town in southern Ga. He is the youngest of three children. Anthony graduated from Bradwell Institute in Hinesville, Ga. After graduating he enlisted in the United States Navy where became an engineer. He served his country during the “Gulf War” in 1991. Anthony is a barber & welder by trade. He has his associates in political science. Anthony has many talents and interests. One of his biggest interests however one of his greatest passions is his desire to build up his community through activism and entrepreneurial promotion. It’s this passion which spawned AntMound Consulting.