• Fierce Mode – Braid and Boutique

    In 2012 (age 18), I decided I wanted to build a salon at home so I talked to my mom and she agreed. I had been doing hair since age 9, and had developed somewhat of a large clientele so I was sure to be successful . I moved everything out of my room into

  • Switch Lanes

    Are you ready to Switch Lanes?   The objective of Switch Lanes ( SW ) is to place in front of the average young person the tools necessary to ” Switch Lanes ” from one part of their life into another.  Young people have all sorts of obstacles in front of them and in many

  • The Big Homie’s Club

     AntMound Consulting is proud to be a part of this organization.  The BHC’s mission is to work towards correcting the problems in the urban community by recognizing that most of the issues existing there have an economic root.  We will effect change by establishing an economic foundation through entrepreneurship and education.  We will encourage mentor

  • Urban Demand Marketing Group

    Urban Demand Marketing Group – Owner & CEO Anthony “Tony” Tong The relationship our company has with Antmound Consulting firm has played a big part in the positive performance of our day to day operations. Precision branding and maximum audience exposure techniques provided by the staff of Antmound Consulting firm have increased our visibility in

  • DNA Designs – CEO- Sarah Velasco 

    AntMound Consulting played a huge role in the makeup of DNA Designs. Having worked closely with Anthony ‘Ant’ McIntyre and his remarkable team made doing business a breeze. He utilizes all possible resources and ultimately produces awesome results. AntMound Consulting is definitely a contact that you want to have!

  • Conrade Nation Entertainment

    Conrade Nation Entertainment / CEO Tydrecus “Conrade Black” Chapple “AntMound Consulting has helped my business in a Major way. They get the job DONE! I most definitely like the fact that they walk you through step be step making sure your paperwork and contracts are in your best interest. True Consulting.” https://soundcloud.com/conradeblack On Twitter and

  • Jovan “Gunzilla” Northington, Founder of Strength Group

    AntMound Consulting are the best in the business when it comes to consultation, Event planning, coordinating and strategic planning. If your aim is for success, I suggest you appoint AntMound Consulting for all your trusted consulting  needs. CEO/Founder STRENGTH GROUP NPO. (Look for us on Facebook) CEO/Founder Ponomo Clothing Co. LLC CEO/BM NorthTurnEnterPrises LLC.

  • James Barrett, CEO of Street Certified Entertainment

    In the last year I’ve referred over 10 clients to AntMound. There are not many companies that out there that can properly educate small businesses to elevate at the rate such as we have being consulted by AntMound. When talking results, you can mark the success of Street Certified Entertainment being voted the Best Promotion